Martial Arts Training in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Special Offer, Martial Arts Training in Pittsburgh, PA

Grandmaster Asad Golden Dragon Bushido Self Defense provides martial arts training in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas. Grandmaster Asad have more than 50 years of experience in martial arts, and more than 30 years in law enforcement, ensuring wise and effective training programs to our students.

We also specialize in physical fitness and education on proper nutrition.

Instruction Offered Includes:

• Weapon Training
• Throwing Weapons
• Karate
• Jiu-Jitsu

• Aikido
Firearm Safety

• Firing Range (including hand guns, rifles and shotguns)

A Long Record of Success
Over the past 32 years our school has been built up to its present size, we have trained over 500 students with 10 instructors.  We have trained students in places such as the YMCA™, Boys' & Girls' Club of America™, Carnegie Mellon University, and the University of Pittsburgh.

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10th Degree Black Belt Master | Professor, 10th Degree Black Belt Jiu-Jitsu Professor, 10th Degree Black Belt Karate
Master, 6th Degree Black Belt Aikido | Weapons Master, Foreign and Domestic

Was in the US Marshall Service
Was in the Vietnam Combat Veteran
United States Marine Corps with a Rank of Staff Sgt
He Trained in Japan, China, Korea and OKINAWA
He is Currently a Private Detective and a Executive Protection Consultant

Formally With:
Laurel Valley Golden Dragons, Westmoreland
YMCA | Kay Boy's Club | Board of Education | South Oakland Community Center
Boys' & Girls' Club of Carnegie, Duquesne and Wilkinsburg
Latrobe Golden Dragons, Westmoreland 

UMAF's | Pioneer Hall of Fame-Grandmaster of the Year
The World Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 1994
S.O.M.A. Inducted into the Superstar Hall of Fame in 1999 
Inducted into the National Federation of Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 1989

Champions Association, Inc., MVP Pgh. Willie Stargell Award 1993
Most Supporting School Award Ultimate Force Four, 1992
Most Supporting School Award R & B Self-Defense, 1978
Most Supporting School Award Rising Sun Martial Arts, 2001
Gold Belt Pennsylvania State Championship Awards Numerous Karate Championship Trophies & Plaques